Canadian Science Policy Centre - Conference 2010

Organizing Committee

Main Organizing Committee

Mehrdad Hariri, DVM, MSc

Postdoctoral Fellow
McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health

(in alphabetical order)

Shiva Amiri, PhD
Science and Innovation Officer
British High Commission

Marcius Extavour, PhD
Quantitative Risk Analyst, Enterprise Risk Management
Ontario Power Generation

Eleanor Fast, MSc
Program Director
Council of Canadian Academies

Curtis Forbes
PhD Student, IHPST
University of Toronto

Minnie Kim
Program Administrator
Centre for Research Education and Training, University Health Network

Jeffrey Kinder
Manager, Science _
Technology Strategy
Natural Resources Canada

Wilson Kwong, M.Sc. Candidate
University of Toronto

Odile Nelly Legacé, M.Sc.
Candidate in Biochemistry
University of Toronto

Trevor McKee, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ontario Cancer Institute/University Health Network

Robin McLernon, MSc
Healthscreen Solutions Inc.

Emmanuel Mongin, PhD
Council of Canadian Academies

Anton Neschadim, MSc
PhD candidate
Department of Medical Biophysics
University of Toronto

Mario Rivero-Huguet, Ph.D.
Research Manager
Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
McGill University

Jeff Sharom
PhD candidate
University of Toronto

Mahadeo Sukhai, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ontario Cancer Institute
/University Health Network

Ilia A. Tikhomirov
Associate Director of Science
YM Biosciences Inc.

James Wagner, M. Sc.
PhD. Candidate, School of Computer Science, McGill University

Masoud Yeganegi, M.A.Sc.
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (University of Toronto), Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mt. Sinai Hospital

Christine Zhang
PhD Candidate
Laboratory of Dr.James Booth
Department of Immunology, University of Toronto