Canadian Science Policy Centre - Conference 2010

CSPC 2010 Speakers

Celine Bak


Russel Mitchel Group

Susan Baldwin

Executive Director

Compute/Calcul Canada

Dr. Stephen Bocking

Professor and Author

Trent University

Dr. Daryl Copeland 

Author, Professor, former Diplomat

University of Toronto

Gary Corbett


Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada


      Dr. Paul Doherty

MSc, MBA, PhD, PEng


Entrepreneurship _ Technology (CBET)

University of Waterloo

   Chummer Farina

Vice President

Canadian Space Agency



Naser Faruqui

Director, Innovation, Policy _ Science

International Development Research Centre

Jonathan Fishbein

Director, Curriculum Enhancement _ Global

Engineers  Engineers Without Borders

Louis Fortier, Ph.D

Université Laval

Arctic Net

Dr. Marc Fortin

Assistant Deputy Minister Ministry of Agriculture

 Dr. Kamiel Gabriel


University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Chad Gaffield


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Susan Gorges


SpringBoard West Innovations Inc.

Jeremy Grushcow

Ph.D, J.D

Business Law
Ogilvy Renault LLP

Peter Hackett


Executive Professor, _ Special Advisor, Vice-president

University of Alberta

Dr. Peter Harrison

Professor/Director of School of Policy Studies

Stauffer-Dunning Chair in Policy Studies

Queens' University

Dr. David Hik

President and Professor

International Arctic Science Committee

University of Alberta

Hans Hilgenkamp

Professor of Physics
 University of Twente and Leiden University, Netherlands

Co- Founder and Former (board) member of The Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Joseph Hubert

VP Research and International Relations


Dr. Yves Joanette, Ph.D

Président-directeur général

Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec

Amir Khadir


Assemblée Nationale du Québec

Jean-Louis Legault



Mark Lievonen


Sanofi Pasteur Limited

John R. McDougall


National Research Council Canada

Dr. Heather Munroe-Blum

O.C., Q.C., Ph.D


McGill University

Pierre Noreau

President, Ph.D


Anita Dey Nuttall

Associate Director,  Research Advancement

Canadian Circumpolar Institute

University of Alberta

Gunilla Oberg


Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability

University of British Columbia

Gilles G. Patry

C.M., P.Eng., Ph.D

President and CEO

Canada Foundation for Innovation

Robert Prichard


Science, Technology and Innovation Council

Alison Ouellet

Director of Government Affairs

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association

Jim Roche

President _ Chief Executive Officer

Canarie Inc

George Ross

Deputy Minister

Ontario Ministry of Research _ Innovation and Consumer Services

Dr. Michèle Savoie

B.Sc. MBA, MPH, Ph.D

General Manager

Montréal Invivo

Dr. Bonnie Schmidt

President _ Founder

Let’s Talk Science

Peter Singer, MD, FRCPC


Grand Challenges Canada

Dr Geneviève Tanguay

Sous-Ministre Adjointe

Ministère du Développement économique, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation

Gouvernement du Québec

Janet Walden

VP Research Partnerships Programs


Lorne Whitehead

Leader of Education Innovation
Professor and 3M/NSERC Chair

University of British Columbia


Valérie La Traverse

Deputy Director, S_T Relations

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Christopher J. Paige, Ph.D

Vice President Research

University Health Network


Marc-André Gagnon, Ph.D

Professeur adjoint

Carleton University

Ph.D Candidate

McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health
University of Toronto

Margaret McCuaig-Johnston

Executive Vice-President


Paul Davenport Ph.D

Chair of the Expert Panel on Research Integrity

Council of Canadian Academies 

The Honourable Gary Goodyear

Minister of State (Science and Technology)

Member of Parliament for Cambridge _ North Dumfries

 Josée Nadia Drouin


Director, Agence Science-Presse

Govind Gopakumar, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Concordia University


Marc Saner Ph.D

Associate Professor _
Director of Institute for Science, Society, and Policy

University of Ottawa


Don G. Roberts

Vice Chairman and Managing Director

CIBC World Markets Inc.

Paul Dufour


Paulicy Works 

Dr. Martin Taylor, Ph.D

President and CEO

Ocena Networks Canada

Ilse Treurnicht Ph.D


MaRS Discovery District


Graham Bell, Ph.D

Professor, McGill University

President of the Academy of Science, Royal Society of Canada


Rees Kassen Ph.D

Associate Professor/University Research Chair

Department of Biology,
University of Ottawa

Murray Rudd Ph.D

Lecturer, Environment Department

University of York

Andrew Gonzales

Canada Research Chair
in Biodiversity

Director of the Quebec
Centre for Biodiversity


Luc Brouillet

Conservateur of the
Marie-Victorin Herbarium
and Biodiversity Centre

 J. Adam Holbrook, PEng.

Adjunct Professor and Associate Director
Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology

Simon Fraser University

 Louise Shaxson


Delta Partnership

Ursula Gobel

Director of Communications

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


Yves Gingras Ph.D


Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)


Denise Amyot

President and CEO

Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

Trina Foster Ph.D




Jean-Francois Giroux

Directeur, Capital de Risque, Groupe EEEM

Business Development Bank of Canada

Catherine Cobden

Vice President, Economics and Regulatory Affairs